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The Consumable System Review

A Brand New, Sizzling Hot Opportunity In A Ludicrously Profitable Market
(That's Been Tightly Gate-Kept Until Now...)

The Consuable System Review

Who Is Jason Fladlien ?

Jason Fladlien

Jason Fladlien is the co-founder of Rapid Crush Inc, who have successfully used webinars to produce the biggest affiliate promotions in internet marketing history – over $9.8 million in sales in 10 days, selling someone else's product via webinars. setting a record that remains unbeaten in affiliate marketing.

Jason leads the team at Rapid Crush, which handles the marketing for TCS. On the other hand, the educational content and system of TCS were crafted by Manuel Suarez team.

Both are celebrated as the "Half-Billion Dollar Men," implying that TCS has the backing of marketers with a trillion-dollar touch!

Jason Fladlien is a household name in the digital marketing realm.

What is the Consumable System?

The Consumable System delves into a highly lucrative yet underserved market at the moment – online sales of consumable items such as supplements and vitamins.

This sector is on the brink of significant expansion and faces little competition.
It's genuinely a remarkable chance! 

Here’s what you’ll discover

  • Why, right now (and for a foreseeable future) this is an industry you need to play in - whether it’s your only focus right now or if you’re looking to expand your business portfolio. (Right now, it’s like being first to sell on Amazon… or buying Bitcoin in 2011.)

  • How to almost immediately have your own high quality, made in USA consumables brand up and running - with ZERO minimum order requirements, zero R&D, and zero logistics on your part involved.

  • How you can leverage AI to help you build a memorable brand that resonates with your target audience and really stands out in even the most crowded marketplaces.

  • The one trick that will let you 10x the benefit of being quick to the market (even beyond the massive windfall that often follows just because you’re the first!)

  • How to set this system up with very LOW capital (and little to no technical knowledge!)

  • And much, much more!

Who are the Brains Behind This Course?

The masterminds behind this course are the renowned experts Manuel Suarez, Steven Anderson, Jules De Armon, and Jorge Rodriguez. They worked together to make "The Consumable System" to help you start a great business.

Manuel Suarez, an American marketing entrepreneur, has achieved over half a billion dollars in revenue with his firm, AGM (Attention Grabbing Media). He's been the force behind campaigns for influential figures like Dr. Eric Berg, generating hundreds of millions in the process.


Steven Anderson is the co-founder of Honeycomm, an e-commerce platform designed for sellers who wish to establish a supplement brand. The platform aims to simplify the process for e-commerce sellers by removing the complexities associated with brand building. With impressive profit margins and a diverse range of products, Honeycomm provides an avenue for individuals to start and grow their own supplement brand. 

Honeycomm's platform offers solutions that eliminate the need for upfront inventory costs and automates the branding, logistics, and fulfillment of products on-demand. This makes it easier for anyone to start building their brand without the typical challenges associated with e-commerce.

Additionally, Steven Anderson, as the CEO of HoneyComm, has been involved in strategic decisions, such as the acquisition of Dropified's print-on-demand technology to further enhance Honeycomm's offerings and improve the customer experience.

The Training

The architects of The Consumable System have distilled everything into a straightforward step-by-step roadmap to success.


This includes:

- Detailed video tutorials

- Comprehensive business blueprints

- Lists of suppliers and essential resources

- Live assistance to ensure your success

Even if you're starting from scratch, The Consumable System equips you with all the resources you need to excel!   

What Does the Course Cover?

The TCS course includes ten modulesף

MODULE 1 - Foundations of Consumables
Dive deep into the essentials of the consumables sector to ensure your success.


MODULE 2 - Navigating HoneyComm: Software and Community Insights
Master the HoneyComm software to shape your consumable brand effectively.


MODULE 3 - Crafting a Compelling Brand and Pinpointing Your Target Audience
Establish a strong brand presence and determine your ideal customers.


MODULE 4 - Strategic Brand Development
Formulate a unique marketing approach for your brand.


MODULE 5 - Designing a Profitable Consumable E-Commerce Site
Launch a branded e-commerce platform optimized for conversions.


MODULE 6 - Fundamentals of Email and SMS Campaigns
Implement a robust lead generation mechanism.


MODULE 7 - Merging Amazon with Other Sales Avenues
Seamlessly integrate Amazon with your primary e-commerce platform.


MODULE 8 - The Zero-Ad Bootstrap Approach
Initiate your social media presence, curate content, and engage with your first post.


MODULE 9 - Leveraging Paid Traffic for Rapid Expansion
Develop compelling ad content and strategize your campaign.


MODULE 10 - Ensuring Sustained Brand Growth and Success
Equip yourself with advanced insights to guarantee long-term brand prosperity.


In essence, this course offers a detailed roadmap to establishing a thriving consumable brand. The final module imparts the insights necessary to guarantee the sustained success of your brand.

Click Here For More Info About The Consumable System

What exactly is HoneyComm?

It's a brand automation platform tailored for consumables, encompassing everything from Vitamin C and gummies to weight loss and pet care products.

HoneyComm offers a catalog of over 100 products that you can market under your personal brand, and they ensure delivery to your customers in less than 3 days.

They've effectively addressed many dropshipping challenges:

Supply Control: By procuring items directly from the source, supply issues are minimized.

Quality Assurance: HoneyComm prides itself on delivering top-notch products.

Swift Delivery: Products are dispatched from the US and reach customers within 3 days.

Branding: You have the opportunity to market HoneyComm consumables under your unique brand.

Distinctiveness: Selling under your brand reduces direct comparisons, as opposed to generic offerings.

Profit Potential: Profit margins can soar up to 400%, though they typically range between 200% to 300%.

Zero Inventory

Using the Honeycomm platform, inventory concerns become a thing of the past. Rather than purchasing products in advance and storing them, you obtain items directly from the producer. Upon a customer's order, the product is dispatched directly from the creator to the buyer. There's no intermediary, zero storage expenses.

Who Is It For?

TCS's No-Inventory approach is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, homemakers, chiropractors, and anyone aiming to broaden their revenue sources without the initial inventory expenses. There's no need for a product-filled warehouse or a substantial financial reserve to kick off. The Consumable System is crafted especially for those keen on launching their private label in supplements or skincare.


Contemplating if TCS matches your goals? Consider these three crucial factors:

Adaptability: Operate your venture from any location, anytime. It's ideal if you're balancing multiple roles or cherish the liberty to work at a rhythm that suits you.

Economical Start: No need for a massive initial outlay. TCS presents diverse membership options to accommodate varying investment capacities and dedication levels.

Enterprise Expansion: TCS is more than just a platform; it's your gateway to forging a prosperous enterprise.

Pros & Cons


All-Inclusive Program:
TCS delivers an array of offerings, from branding and website creation to marketing assistance, simplifying the brand launch process for users.

Guidance and Assistance: TCS provides dedicated training and support, ensuring users navigate the marketing landscape effectively.

Zero Inventory: The stress of handling your own stock is eliminated, a common challenge for startups.

Money-Back Guarantee: TCS backs its program with a money-back guarantee, assuring users that they'll have their private label supplement brand market-ready within 90 days, they commit to refunding your entire investment.


Upfront Costs: Even though the initial outlay for The Consumable System is less than that of a conventional business, it might be prohibitive for some.

Restrained Personalization: Although Honeycomb offers branding solutions, the extent of personalization might not be as extensive as building a brand from the ground up.


Considering a fresh business endeavor?
The Consumable System might just be what you're looking for.

It's more than just a system; it's a game - changer.
With no inventory concerns, a reasonable cost, and a value-rich course, it's clear why it's a favorite for many.

Why not give it a try? It could be the break you've been anticipating.

Mark your calendar! Training starts Wednesday, November 29th. !

The Consuable System Review

Here is What Top Industry Leaders
Say About Jason Fladlien

Kevin Harrington

"Jason has an absolutely world class approach to doing webinars"

Original Shark Tank cast member & inventor of the infomercial.

Bob Proctor

"It’s been an absolute joy working with Jason on webinars"

World’s #1 teacher of personal development.

Alex Hormozi

"“You changed my life… your webinar course is the single best course I’ve seen to date on offer creation”


Best Selling Author, Top Marketing Personality.

Russell Brunson

"I’ve learned a ton from studying and listening to Jason Fladlien.”"

Creator of Click Funnels, over $100 million in sales.

Joe Polish

"I consider Jason one of the top five marketers currently living."

Runs the word’s highest level business mastermind

Jon Butcher

"“Jason has one of the smartest marketing minds in the business”

Owner in 17 companies that have done 12 billion in sales